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Fat-Free Plain Greek Yogurt

I have issues with fat-free dairy products. The major one is that they're all pretty much disgusting! A couple of years ago, I finally gave in and tried 2% Plain Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream, not just because of the lower fat content but also because of the healthier benefits yogurt offers (acidopholis, baby!!!). I found that I really liked it. Granted, I would never eat it by itself, but, in the place of sour cream, it really does work. A co-worker then convinced me to give the fat-free version a try, assuring me that it was still rich and creamy with the tang of a good sour cream. She was right. Last year, I served both sour cream and fat-free plain Greek yogurt at Latkepalooza. Nobody could tell the difference! So, now I just offer the healthier version, and nobody knows unless I tell them. (OK, so NOW EVERYBODY knows!) You can find it at most grocery stores, health food stores (Whole Foods) and speciality stores (Trader Joe's) in the dairy aisle by the other yogurts. Be sure to get the GREEK yogurt, which is thicker and closer to the body of sour cream.

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nice blog, allison! perhaps it'll motivate me to keep up my own. xo

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